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November 12-14, 2024

Graphics Programming Conference

A new, international conference for real-time and interactive graphics programming.

The Graphics Programming Conference (GPC) is a new, international conference for real-time and interactive graphics programmers. We’re here to bring together graphics programmers, technical directors, graphics researchers, game developers, academia, and students. If you’re working on graphics, be it stylized rendering, movie rendering, real-time games, or similar, we want this conference to be yours to meet like-minded people and learn about new techniques, things that work in the wild, new ideas, then this is the place to be.

We’re new, but we’re not new to conferences – we’ve got a team of industry veterans organizing this conference and the venue is secured. We have experience running the successful Everything Procedural Conference, Virtual Productions Gathering, and Industry Showcase Day.

Our team consists of both academic specialists in graphics programming and industry alumni trying to establish an alternative conference for the graphics programming community in Europe.

What is it?

Havermarkt, Breda. Cafe street with people enjoying a drink on a warm summer day.

The Graphics Programming Conference is a three day event in November. We’ll have keynotes from industry experts, presentations, and “masterclass” workshops with the ability to dive into specific technology in a hands-on environment.

We’ll have plenty of time to network in the beautiful city of Breda, The Netherlands which is also easy to reach by plane thanks to Schipol (AMS/Amsterdam) airport and with the Intercity Direct train from Schipol, you will be in Breda in less than 60 minutes!


We are seeking speakers who are experts in the field of graphics programming.

If you have a passion for graphics programming, work or study in graphics programming and would like to share your contribution in the field, we invite you to submit your proposal.

This is a fantastic opportunity to share your knowledge, inspire others, and gain recognition in the graphics programming community.

We welcome topics that range from the latest advancements in graphics programming to the exploration of new techniques and technologies.

Join us in the shaping of the future of graphics programming!

Send your submission to: before June 30th, 2024.

Presentation in a lecture hall.
Students watching an industry expert working on a laptop.


We are also excited to offer several multi-day masterclasses during the event.

If you are a seasoned professional, or have a unique perspective on graphics programming, we invite you to share your expertise with the graphics programming community.

This is an excellent opportunity to delve deep into a specific topic by providing a multi-day hands-on practical masterclass and inspire the next generation of graphics programmers.

We welcome masterclasses on a variety of topics from cutting-edge techniques to foundational principles.

Help us shape the future of graphics programming by sharing your knowledge and experience.

Send your masterclass proposal to: before June 30th, 2024.


Would you like to contribute to making our Graphics Programming Conference a success by sponsoring our event?

This is a unique opportunity for your organisation to gain visibility and connect with students, professionals, and enthusiasts in the graphics programming community.

Your support will not only help us host a successful event but also drive innovation and advancement in the field of graphics programming.

We offer various sponsorship packages, each providing valuable benefits and exposure.

Please let us know if you are willing to sponsor our event by sending us an mail to

Shaking hands with technolgy.

November 12th-13th 2024


WebGPU with C++

Learn how to leverage the power of WebGPU to create graphics frameworks that can be used on desktops, mobile, and for the web using a single C++ codebase.


Jeremiah van Oosten

Graphics Programmer

November 14th 2024


Pondering Orbs: The Rendering and Art Tools of "COCOON"

Rendering the game’s beautiful worlds within worlds takes a few tricks – from thick billowing froxel fog and spherical harmonics volumetric lightmaps, to a host of visual effects like crystalline Voronoi bridges, SDF shoreline ripples on water, and warping through ponderable orbs.

Mikkel Svendsen presents how these features, tools and effects were implemented and shipped on the game’s target platforms, how they contributed to the game’s look, and how it all works together with an MSAA-friendly rendering pipeline by carefully considering the gotchas of fitting these features and effects with that.

Mikkel Svendsen Profile Picture

Mikkel Svendsen

Render Programmer, Geometric Interactive

Boon or Curse: A custom rendering engine for the development of Hades and Hades II

Explore the pivotal role of Supergiant Games’s rendering engine in shaping the immersive visuals of their latest titles. Dive into the triumphs and tribulations faced by the small but passionate team as they navigate the complexities of developing and refining their technology. From unlocking the art team’s creative potential to wrestling with technical constraints. Devansh presents how creating a fully custom rendering pipeline can prove to be a blessing in the pursuit of crafting unforgettable gaming experiences.

Devansh Maheshwari

Devansh Maheshwari

Graphics Software Engineer, Supergiant Games

Countdown to the Event

We’re looking forward to hosting this event and seeing you on our beautiful campus at Breda University of Applied Sciences in Breda, The Netherlands on November 12th, 2024.



Tickets will be available soon.

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